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Be A Billing Pro

LawCFO’s Billing Services eliminate the frustrations and challenges of Billing and create a system which is accurate and efficient to ensure fully compliant bills with the increasingly strict and complicated requirements of clients’ e-billing, litigation management and other billing guidelines.  Focus on your core competencies of your law firm and get back to running a law firm, not a Billing practice. LawCFO’s Billing team understands that time spent on complying with client guidelines is time lost on billing, building your business and servicing an existing client. We make you look better by avoiding adjustments made by your clients and helping you receive as much money and compliments as possible.

Billing As A Managed Service:

Outsourced Billing:

Law firms hand the process over to our proven experts which deliver services with great efficiency and effectiveness. Billing as a Service is one way our team delivers additional revenue to our clients. Our Managed Billing Services are run by industry experts who care and understand your needs as a firm. Their knowledge of Billing and your unique needs makes them Pro’s in the Legal Industry.

How & Why It Works:

Improved Profitability With Positive ROI:

LawCFOs Client Accounting services provide law firms with immediate return on their investment (ROI) as they invest in eBilling Pro’s solutions. We consistently show ROI to the firms’ we support, tracking this metric is very simple and we provide these analytics as part of our solution.

LawCFO is always looking to add value to our clients, this is how we do it…

Allow you to Optimize Attorney Time:

Attorneys spend extensive time in the billing process which is expensive. LawCFO enables billers to spend less time on pre-bills and more time on billable work. This allows you to position administrative resources to where they can be most effective, and get timekeepers back to the practice of law where they belong.

Make you look like professionals to your clients:

LawCFO prepares more compliant, more effective, eBilling and paper invoices. This makes you look great in the eyes and minds of your clients. It also allows you to gain credibility from these clients instead of annoying them and potentially losing you business.

Minimize Reductions & Maximize Revenue:

LawCFO provides invoices that meet or exceed client requirements and get you paid more. Our solutions allow you to access data, metrics and tools to better manage and understand timekeeper effectiveness and performance which enables you to make informed pricing decisions.

Improve Client Management

Clients like to work with firms that can adhere to the guidelines they’ve put in place. Neither your clients nor their firms enjoy dealing with billing issues. LawCFO allows you to be on top of your game when it comes to billing and delivers payments, not complaints.

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